Chanhen Ecology, is belong to Chanhen Corporation, to "Phosphorus, Care, Life" as vision, manufacturing and providing high quality phosphate for all industries.

Our production base is located in Sichuan and Guizhou province, Our phosphorus mine in Guizhou are the company's solid base.

The company registered capital is $60 million, annual sales revenue is about $180 million, production and marketing capacity are more than 450 thousand tons/ year. After decades of development, the company has been formed to a circular economy industrial group based on phosphorus chemical industry, including: mining, phosphate production, phosphorus chemical technology innovation, associated resource development & utilization, gypsum building materials, technical services, marketing, etc. takes "Phosphorus,Care,Life" as its vision

We strive to develop a ecology system of phosphate supply chain by connecting users, consultants, and suppliers through mobile apps. We provide them with precision services including financial credits, knowledge, information and supply chain supports.