CHANHEN,An important supplier of phosphoric acid on the rise.

Chanhen has more than 20 years of experience in the phosphorus chemicals production. The new phosphorous chemical production complex that Chanhen is building in Guangxi, China near the seaport has a fantastic location that gives the project an extra advantage for export business. Combining its resources and expertise, Chanhen will produce high-quality MGA (merchant grade acid), PPA (purified phos-acid), AHF (Anhydrous Hydrogen Fluoride), etc. for the market.


GUIZHOU CHANHEN CHEMICAL COPRORATION is a stock-listed phos-chemical company from China, with 3 Production bases located in SW China and 20+ years in phosphorus production.

GUANGXI PENGYUE ECO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.. New project of Chanhen's subsidiary has been in operation since August 2022.


P2O5 INTERNATIONAL PTE. LTD. is a wholly-owned Singapore subsidiary of Chanhen, the subsidiary will play an important role in Chanhen's overseas business and empower further globalisation.

Market Info & Business Contact

+86 28 83285148


EXPANDING capacity

Total capacity expanded to 700,000mt P2O5 annual capacity.

STRONG reserves

Total 550million tons phosphate rock reserves


EFFICIENT logisitics

Near-port location enables stable supply for export.

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